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Watch Me: A Memoir - Anjelica Huston

Her memoirs (A Story Lately Told is pt. 1) aren't masterpieces of nonfiction or anything, but I enjoy them. However, I'd have to recommend the first one more than this one off this little bit I've read so far. It seems like she didn't take her time as much with this one- it's thicker but the writing is often rushed, almost like a diary entry she's summarizing, which can get a little annoying. This installment lacks the character building (or revealing, or whatever you call that in a real life situation) of the last one, but when she's describing a place and time that made her truly happy you can tell- she gets her flow back and the writing becomes more poetic again.

Anyway, she does an amazing job of taking you into her world, which is glamorous but tinted with melancholy and bad relationships. Even with the bits of darkness, it's a great escapist read. It has that feel of vintage glamour, of class and adventure and being cultured, not at all like what would be considered "glamorous" today (Kardashians, etc).

It makes me want to sit by the window with the record player on, reading beautiful stories or browsing fashion magazines in my fancy bathrobe with a fancy drink nearby... and travel to Europe to model for Vogue... *sigh* 




Also, 70's Anjelica Huston gives me life: 



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