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Anyone else have trouble writing at night?

— feeling frankenstein

Back in the day I could only write at night, now I can't write at night hardly at all! If I get really stoked on it and drink coffee and everything I can but it's really hard for me to come home after work and sit down to write up things for school. 
I could turn it in tomorrow morning, but I guess it's bad to wait 'til the very last day it's due... I'm giving it a shot, but I don't want to post something crappy just to get it done faster. I'll take the couple points off for posting at the last minute. 

Writing in the morning is my favorite now. Reading too, actually. My brain feels nice and fresh and I'm generally not overwhelmed by the day yet. Around this time (10-10:30pm) my brain slowly starts turning into mush.  

When's your favorite time to write or read? :]



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