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The name's Luna.
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Just another freak in the Freak Kingdom.
A place for me to ramble about books I love... also probably the only blog I'll ever have that will keep its theme. I don't want my page to be a mess so I'm only going to shelve books starting with what I've read in the past year.
I'm not always eloquent, and I'm certainly not pretentious. I am just a huge nerd who lurks in used bookstores and likes to read and do research for fun.
Geeks unite.

audreybenjaminsen:    Happy Belated Birthday Harry and Jo! In the immortal words of Hagrid (ones that I live by)… “SORRY I’M LATE!” Wishing you all great big Hagrid hugs! <3 


I can't remember if I already shared this this adorable drawing by Audrey Benjaminson, but oh well. I'm back on tumblr for the first time in forever and I just found it again. :] 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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