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The name's Luna.
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Just another freak in the Freak Kingdom.
A place for me to ramble about books I love... also probably the only blog I'll ever have that will keep its theme. I don't want my page to be a mess so I'm only going to shelve books starting with what I've read in the past year.
I'm not always eloquent, and I'm certainly not pretentious. I am just a huge nerd who lurks in used bookstores and likes to read and do research for fun.
Geeks unite.

Today is bringing jazz, bookstagram, burning Sherlock audiobooks for Troy, and finally some in-depth LOTR discussion (gotta get in on that Tom Bombadil!)... now I just need like 4 more cups of coffee so the thinking part of my brain will catch up with the planning-the-day part of my brain. 

Cool things that have happened recently: 

-My boyfriend got a fancypants job selling solar panels! Today's only his second day but he says he thinks it's going to be a good fit. He's a great salesperson and he deserves a better sales job than dang Guitar Center, which is crap on crap on crap. 

-We got the cutest bookshelf ever! I'm going to take a shelfie soon I'm sure. $20 at the Goodwill (even though Goodwill is kind of evil and I try to avoid going there... we're poor, so what can ya do). We also got a Sony stereo, a really really nice one with an I-pod attachment that I'm sure was like $200+ new but that we got for only $10!! I haven't had a stereo in my room since high school and I'm so excited! Our little apartment finally feels homey.
-I recently brought home a whoooole bunch of cool books and went to The Iliad Bookshop and took pictures, so prepare for bookporn! 


Not so cool things that have happened recently: 
-I keep getting these weird quick eyeball headaches that hurt like hell then go away really fast- wtf is that? 


Hope everything is peachy with you lovely humans! Since the bf's working and I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, I'm going to work on making these my major blog days. :D So I'll be back later. <3




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The Two Towers
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The Man in the High Castle
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