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great free-write inspo

— feeling alien
The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again) - Andy Warhol

I thoroughly enjoyed this peek inside Andy Warhol’s noggin. I love that he’s just an enigma, and you’re sort of left to interpret his weirdness. He was able to make it feel like you’re sitting there listening to him talk, thoughts flowing freely, tape recorder on. As I was reading, I kept thinking that he is one of the few people in history who wouldn’t lose their minds if they were somehow revived and introduced to the future. I think he’d kick the 2000s’ ass. I could really identify with his love/hate relationship with television, which I thought was funny. I very much enjoyed his frankness about money and human interaction. Of course, some of his opinions I totally agree with, and some not at all, but I just like the way he says it. I think it would be super interesting to be friends with him.
Anyway, this is a really fun read, and if you’re a writer it will make you want to immediately sit down and write about anything and everything. If you have any interest in the different philosophies of the intellectual counter-culture of the late 50s-70s (like me), you will definitely enjoy this.

Support local business! Check the used/new small bookstores in your area before resorting to superstores or the internet. Who knows, you might find another treasure to take home!

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