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A very quick review before a very busy day...

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Battle Royale, Vol. 1 - Koushun Takami, Keith Giffen, Tomo Iwo, Masayuki Taguchi

It's a lottery. But in this lottery, there's no multi-million dollar check to turn your life around. No, this is the worst thing that could happen to you if you're a ninth grader in the economically and sociologically bankrupt future that creators Koushun Takami and Masayuki Taguchi have dreamed up. Their controversial series about "The Program" -- a game that picks random classes and puts them on an abandoned island for a televised fight to the death -- has drawn an incredible following in Japan. Is America ready for it? Are you ready for it? Tokyopop brings you this groundbreaking series featuring an English adaptation by renowned writer Keith Giffen. Put aside your morals, hold on to your seats and prepare yourself for an unforgettable manga experience... Prepare yourself for BATTLE ROYALE!

It's pretty much what I expected based on what I heard about it, but the writing was actually better than I thought it would be. I wish they had explained a little bit more about the society that these people live in so we could better understand why "The Program" happens. I was impressed with the character building though, and I never felt like it was being fucked up just for the sake of being fucked up, you know? Well... maybe sometimes, but honestly, if they explain more about the society and why there are psychotic people like their "teacher" who lures them to the island (and kicks off the gore-fest) it would just be like "Oh yeah, of course he shot that kid in the face and is laughing as he dies, look at the society he's a part of!" Of course, I suppose that would take away from its shock value, and that's why people flock to this series.  
I'm not sure if I'm going to continue reading or not, only because I don't usually get into stories that are just a huge bummer for everyone involved. However, I am curious to see if Shuuya is able to rally the troops to overthrow "The Program", and like I said they did a great job with character building- I want to learn more about the ones I've met so far. Lastly, the art is pretty impressive- it's kind of hard to explain why because at first glance it just looks like any manga art, but the way it's done adds to the story-telling. 

So in the end, I'd recommend giving it a try if you aren't squeamish (the gore is very well drawn) or easily offended.



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