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The name's Luna.
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Just another freak in the Freak Kingdom.
A place for me to ramble about books I love... also probably the only blog I'll ever have that will keep its theme. I don't want my page to be a mess so I'm only going to shelve books starting with what I've read in the past year.
I'm not always eloquent, and I'm certainly not pretentious. I am just a huge nerd who lurks in used bookstores and likes to read and do research for fun.
Geeks unite.

oops, woke up late...

Been staying up 'til 4am so I suppose it makes sense. Today I have to run by the library and print my transcripts and then head over to the college and sign up for whatever I can still sign up for! I really really hope I can get 12 hours of things I actually need... we shall see. 
I'm going to bring Prince Lestat with me and see if I can get any farther with that... 
and since I'm going to be in a library I'm probably going to come back with more books. 


How's everyone's Monday going?
Also, how many of you live on the other side of the world and how many are just nightowls? I seem to get most of my notifications while I'm sleeping, so I was just wondering. I know some of you are from Australia, which is rad! I love meeting people who aren't from America. 

This American requires much more coffee and some morning (ahem, afternoon) chill time before facing the busy streets of Los Angeles. 

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The Two Towers
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Jane Eyre
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The Man in the High Castle
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The Complete Sherlock Holmes 2
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