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Batgirl, Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection - Gail Simone, Vicente Cifuentes, Ardian Syaf

It's hard for me to rate comics since I'm only just now getting into them, so I'm going to make this really quick. I wanted to share this because I really liked the art style and the villains, and that's why I ended up deciding on 4 stars instead of 3/3.5. 

So like I said, going into this not knowing much about the original comics, I had few expectations. I ended up being pretty pleased- I like Batgirl as a person, though sometimes I felt like she was a tad melodramatic- but then again all superheros are, so I don't even think I can say anything about that. I felt like her inner dialogue/snappy comments could be better- that was part of what made me want to rate it lower. But it was entertaining, it wasn't sexist, and the art style kept my eyes glued to the page, which is all I was really looking for. I liked Mirror as a villain and thought his story was heartbreakingly perfect. I really wish that they had spent more time on Gretel, though. After hearing her story I wanted her and Batgirl to have more interaction. Batgirl seems genuinely empathetic toward her; it seems like she could be a significant character in Batgirl's life. Maybe they meet again in future issues- I hope so. 


One thing that felt a little forced to me was the thing with Batgirl's mother. I was just as annoyed as Batgirl was at her appearance, but I'm assuming that eventually she is going to figure into the story in a major way.

(show spoiler)

The last thing I'll mention is that I loved the full page drawings. I want all the posters.




So to wrap things up, I think it could be better as far as the dialogue goes, but overall I thought the story itself held up. The villains were interesting and the art was amazing, so 4 stars it is. 

-dreaming of kicking ass, 

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