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Afternoon read: The Adventure of the Dying Detective

— feeling hypnotized
The Complete Sherlock Holmes 2 -  Arthur Conan Doyle, Kyle Freeman

I'm only a few pages in, but I'm thinking this is the most immediately exciting tale in the whole chronicle and I thought I'd recommend it. In the Barnes & Noble version it comes toward the latter half of Vol. 2, as it was published during that time, but on the story timeline it takes place much earlier, during the time of Watson's marriage; I think it could be read and enjoyed no matter where you are in the series.
Mrs. Hudson comes to Dr. Watson in his home and informs him that Holmes has contracted a deadly disease, and has refused a doctor until now. Of course, Watson rushes to his side. The picture of Holmes in his sickbed is heartbreaking and vivid and immediately his strange words and actions begin building a mystery- is he delirious or does that box on the mantle contain something more sinister than expected? Half the stuff Holmes normally says and does seems a little nuts until his reasoning is explained, so right away I found myself searching for clues. 
Holmes refuses to let Watson treat or even touch him for fear of spreading the disease- and as he rudely tells his best friend, he doesn't think he has the skill to help. He demands that Watson go and beg a Mr. Culverton Smith- not a doctor but someone who knows more than anyone about this specific disease- to come to his aid. 
"Plead with him, Watson. There is no good feeling between us. His nephew, Watson- I had suspicions of foul play and I allowed him to see it. The boy died horribly. He has a grudge against me. You will soften him, Watson. Beg him, pray him, get him here by any means. He can save me- only he!"

You can do it, Watson! 


"You wont fail me. You never did fail me." 


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