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Luna's Los Angeles Pt. 2

Getting prepared for my first day at work so I'm just posting some pics for now. Worked on organizing my notes for The Hobbit last night, so hopefully I'll get some thoughts into the discussion this evening. (Most of these are from Instagram, where they look better. @beat_magic)


This is from when I was reading Prince Lestat a week or two back. Our apartment's laundry room is right next to the little pool, it's rad.


Just a random picture of a building across from the one where I clean for a friend's Air B&B. The sun was setting and it looked really California-y. On my phone you can see a person standing in the window on the second row from the top, but you can't really see it here for some reason. I  don't think there's a filter on this one, so idk why it got so grainy...


Found a few paces from Hollywood Blvd. I like taking pictures like this because I think a lot of people still imagine Hollywood as being this glamorous place... a lot of it totally isn't. But that's why I love it. It's gritty and freakish and full of hope and despair and every type of human being you could ever imagine. And there is still a lot of beauty, and some fancy spots too, of course. It's a really interesting place.

Off to refresh my book knowledge before work...eeek!

Have some adventures today, if you can! 

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