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Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life - Bryan Lee O'Malley

[Sorry for this awfully rushed review! I finished this book a couple days ago and never got around to writing anything up, but I wanted to go ahead and get it posted since I'm busy with school and other booklikes things. Hopefully it's at least marginally helpful to those deciding whether or not to read the series.]

I loved it! I feel like seeing the movie first actually really helped my enjoyment of the comic, though it might not have if I had seen it recently. (Michael Cera was perfectly cast for Scott.) It's nice to see... hmm... quirky/kind of awkward kids, I guess, represented properly. Like, the dialogue in the comics is pretty realistic, it's how someone like that would actually talk, but it's also still witty. Scott and his friends seem like people I'd hang out with. 

I think the art style is really original. It's cute and quirky but quite detailed- the art really puts you there. 

I'm not sure if all this counts as spoiler or not, but I'm going to hide it just in case. I know that personally I like to go into a book knowing only the bare minimum that I need to know. I like things to take me by surprise. 

I really love how the comic only hints at unreality at first. Like, Ramona roller-blades through Scott's dreams and you suddenly realize- oh, okay there's going to be a little bit more to this than I thought! Soon after, when they meet and she tells him about "subspace highways", it becomes more plain that this world, as similar as it seems, is slightly different from our own. It's sort of like a very slightly parallel universe to ours.  I love that we find out that Scott has these crazy fighting abilities pretty much out of nowhere-but he doesn't morph into some superhero, he's the same awkward Scott. I think it makes him that much more badass- it's the superpower of being yourself! And "friendship and courage and whatever!"

(show spoiler)

I'm really excited about continuing the series- I already feel like I'm pals with the characters. It's a fun, quick read and the art is awesome.

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