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Giving up on this for now...

Watch Me: A Memoir - Anjelica Huston

It's not bad but it's just not as good as the first one. It has its moments of beauty, poetic passages making memories of faraway times and places come alive... but much of it feels very rushed, focuses too much on her relationship with Jack Nicholson, and just isn't as ethereal as A Story Lately Told. I have a few pages folded where there are beautiful passages, I might post one or two. I got about 140 pages in, so I feel like I gave it a chance. Like I said, it's decent enough that I'll probably go back to it, but I ain't got time for this right now! I will say that if you like memoirs and that vintage sort of glamour that comes with living in London in the 60's, you should definitely read the first installment, A Story Lately Told.  



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