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I have found my new obsession.

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Have you met Phryne Fisher?


Australia's witty and lighthearted mystery show, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, is based off the books by Kerry Greenwood, which I've been wanting to read. Miss Fisher is the ultimate lady detective- she uses her wit to overpower the staunch sexist attitude of the time period and prove herself useful as an investigator to Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, she knows how to handle any difficult situation, and she actually helps the people that she investigates. Her friendships are my favorite part of the show, I think. I love watching her interact with people who are bemused by her adventurous spirit. Also, she and Detective Inspector Jack have a sort of Mulder/Scully thing going on where you want them to be together so bad but they just tease you every episode.
I want to be Phryne Fisher. She's confident, strong, smart as a whip and able to float through any social situation with wit and grace. I think what makes her such an interesting character is her range of experiences- she wasn't born into wealth, she was lucky enough to inherit it later in life, so she's worldly and knows how to talk anyone in any level of society. She shares her wealth because she knows what it's like to not have it. She gets along best with those outside of her own "class"- her taxi-driver, communist friends (who can't help but adore her even though she's rich), her maid and butler, and her oldest friend, a free-thinking (and probably lesbian, if I'm going to make a judgement based on wardrobe) woman doctor. And Miss Fisher's clothes, that jewelry, those garters! My heart aches for her 1920's velvet flapper dresses, her silk robes, and her super classy underthings. She also carries a golden gun in her purse and a small knife in her thigh high stockings (a long time style/safety goal of my own). Honestly, she's my new literary role model. If I had her class and even half of her level of cool in social situations I'd never want for anything again. 




I could go on and on about why Miss Fisher is awesome, because there are even more reasons that I haven't stated, but I don't want to give too much away. 


The pilot episode was very strong, which is always a good sign- X-Files, Sherlock, and Supernatural all had extremely good pilots in my opinion. The only complaint I have about the series is that I can't figure out what's going on with her and the guy that she goes to visit in jail in the first episode- I can tell that she knows he killed her sister, but he's about to get out of jail because he's done his time and there was so little proof. But nothing ever came of it- or at least, not in the first six episodes. 


There are three seasons on Netflix, and they each have about 13 episodes, so if you're looking for something quirky, clever, and stylish to obsess over, look no further! 



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